Business development

We help you to develop and commercialise your product

Business development within the biotech and pharmaceutical industry

You want to provide a treatment to patients, but you also need to earn money. The medical product has to be launched on the market and you may want to license or sell your biotech company or asset to a strategic buyer. It is a complex process. We have a great deal of business development experience within the biotech and pharmaceutical industry and are here to help you.

Developing the pharmaceutical product further

A pharmaceutical product has to be developed before it can be commercialised. You need capital to develop it. You also need to involve partners to assist in specific parts of the development. 

We can provide assistance for the following:

  • Attracting new capital (dilutive or non-dilutive funding)
  • Finding suppliers and specialists to develop your drug product further
  • Identifying new in-licensing or out-licensing opportunities
  • Attending Life Sciences conferences and one-on-one meetings
  • Negotiating and drawing up deal terms
  • Maintaining biotech, pharmaceutical and funding contacts
  • Developing a funding or exit strategy