Specific support

We provide what you need

What capability do you require?

We would like to hear what type of support you need in specific cases. The common request for a short-term project are:

  • Development of a strategic document (BP, IM)
  • Finding suppliers, partners or specialists
  • Attracting new capital (dilutive or non-dilutive funding)

Reach out to discuss the possibilities for your need. If you need support on company or asset valuations, non-dilutive grants or human resources/recruitment, our partners are listed below.

Venture funding – Licensing

Clouvance Consultancy, partner in biotech - Léon Spijkers

Clouvance and DVCI work together to provide you a tactical advantage in terms of valuation, strategy and negotiations. We can develop your strategic enabling report, or request to provide active support throughout the dealmaking process. Contact Clouvance or DVCI for more information.

Non-dilutive funding

We can actively contribute to your dilutive funding needs. Clouvance Consultancy works with SubsidyCloud to realise your non-dilutive funding requirements. SubsidyCloud helps start-ups by providing subsidy advice, writing subsidy applications and providing information on all subsidy opportunities. SubsidyCloud employs experienced consultants that can help you discover your subsidy potential and successfully submit subsidy applications. Their success rate is 81%. Click here to receive information on funding options or ask about the options via our contact page.

Human Resources

Clouvance collaborates with Derks & Derks for the top-level HR requirements of growing Life Sciences companies. This recruitment expert has been active in the sector for more than twenty years. As a Specialist in Life Sciences recruitment & development solutions, Derks & Derks offers a full package service to make the best possible contribution to the success of your Life Sciences company. Reach out now to Clouvance, or click here to visit their company website.

Taking advantage of our extensive network

We have a broad network of suppliers, partners and experts to help you convert your idea into a commercial product. We are here to help you find the best partners for you.