Interim management

An experienced partner at your side

Management team support

Clouvance Consultancy can provide support to your management team. You lead, but as experienced consultant we stand next to you and provide support when required. We can help you with:

  • Expanding the corporate strategy and product strategy
  • Making the preclinical development lean and pragmatic
  • Connecting with suppliers, development partners or buyers
  • Involving strategic biotech or investment groups
  • Identifying and negotiating potential deals
  • Commercialisation of pharmaceutical assets

Converting your idea into a commercial product

We take the task of converting a good disease-targeting idea into a successful commercial therapeutic product very seriously. We can become part of your biotech management team and push forward to exploit this route together. No fancy theory talks but actions and output that define a tangible route to your final goal.

Taking advantage of our extensive network

You will likely need suppliers and study partners to convert your medical intervention into a commercial product. It is not easy to decide on the capabilities required or where to find them. We can help you. Our broad network within preclinical and clinical development is at your disposal. 

Strong foundation

The foundation laid during our collaboration will remain valuable, even after the agreement. All  data, dcouments and output will be structured and secured within your company’s dataroom. This retains the value of your investment.  As interim manager Clouvance Consultancy lays a strong foundation for you to build further.