Interim management

An experienced partner at your side

Management team support

As a managing director of a start-up or scale-up in the biotech industry, you have a lot on your plate. You have many responsibilities, differentiating your company and requiring knowledge from various fields of expertise within drug development and disease targeting. Doable at the start but at a certain moment you need more capacity or a strategic sparring partner. Clouvance Consultancy can provide support to your management team. You lead, but as experienced consultant we stand next to you and provide support when required. We can help you with, for example, the following:

  • Supporting corporate and product strategy
  • Transforming preclinical development into lean and professional ones
  • Connecting with key suppliers or pharma partners
  • Involving strategic biotech or investment groups
  • Identifying and negotiating potential deals
  • Commercialisation of pharmacotherapeutic assets

Converting your idea into a commercial product

Our preferred task is to convert a good disease-targeting idea into a succesful commercial therapeutic product. Involve us and we can work on this, together. We can become part of your biotech organisation and take responsibilities as co-entrepreneur. Together, we do what is necessary to achieve your final objective.

Taking advantage of our extensive network

You need suppliers and partners within Life Sciences to convert your medical intervention idea into a commercial product. It is not easy to decide on the capabilities required or where to find them. We can help you. Our broad network within preclinical and clinical development is at your disposal. A network of pharma-related parties with whom we have worked on previous projects and know they provide quality services.

Strong foundation

The foundation laid during our co-operation will remain strong, even after we leave. We leave good documentation, a tangible structure and a structured data room behind. This maintains your investment and ensures you have the strategy, data and contacts on hand, even when we are no longer at your side. As interim manager Clouvance Consultancy lays a strong foundation for you to build further.